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What Clients Are Saying

Metabolic Markets was hired to assess the US reimbursement market for our phase 3 drug and help us build a payor/reimbursement strategy and story for our partnering activities. This included arranging and conducting one-on-one discussions with payers (HMOs, PBMs), acquiring and analyzing pharmacy claims data to support our strategy/market assumptions, and helping to assemble the slide deck used to pitch potential partners.

I've presented Metabolic Market's analysis to the acquiring team they have been very complementary of the end product.

I provided a high-level set of goals and Metabolic Markets suggested a work plan to accomplish the goals and was able to identify cost effective avenues to conduct the analysis. I was so impressed that I asked them to work with other consultants and manage the development of the deliverables.

Outstanding communications skills.

If you had the option to hire Metabolic Markets again, would you? Yes.

Performance surpassed expectations. I found I didn't need to manage Metabolic Markets as much as other consultants I've hired.