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Lilly/BI get their DPP-IV combo

The Trajenta crowd has brought their combination product to the race with “Jentadueto”, the Trajenta/metformin offering. This adds another option to the DPP-IV combination competition against Janumet and Kombiglyza.  We have been commenting in this space that the DPP-IV platform will likely see a myriad of combination approaches in the months to come. Merck’s Juvisync …
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Persistance.  it has paid off for Amylin.  And so far, so good. Late Friday, Amylin announced the approval of Bydureon. Although roughly a year late, it seems that the preparation time has paid off. The market has reacted positively to the news and to the investor conference call late Friday.  this is in stark contrast …
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Tick tock goes the Bydureon PDUFA clock

With the sglt-2 shot down last week, that has cleared the fda’s calendar for Bydureon. The official pdufa is january 28, but fda watchers have told me the fda doesn’t like to let things linger. So will tomorrow be the day?  Or as Garth sings “if tomorrow never comes….”  we wish our friends at AMLN …
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NYC Shocker anti-Obesity advertising

A few years ago, NYC subway ads featured a soda bottle pouring out fat. It was disgusting and had people talking, at least for a little while. They are trying it again, with a “super-size” me type picture of sodas and a man with an amputation. Interesting timing of the ad launch, falling on the …
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