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Express Scripts as Compliance Police

Patient compliance with treatment regimens is a well established challenge in chronic disease, with diabetes, asthma and hypertension having the worse patient compliance track records. One of the largest Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Express Scripts, will be more actively monitoring patients for compliance and contacting if they fall behind in their treatment. http://www.stltoday.com/business/local/express-scripts-to-spot-pill-skippers-with-new-program/article_8b90b844-87ea-11e1-ab90-0019bb30f31a.html What is interesting …
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Is there a novel path for Obesity development? – Hope springs eternal with the FDA

  Limited use.  Targeted populations.  Smaller trial sizes.  Faster approvals.  These are the traits of cancer drug development, not obesity, correct? The FDA’s top drug administrator Janet Woodcock, made comments in support of legislation that would potentially include obesity in a regulatory world typically reserved for smaller populations.   Article text below. The cynical FDA …
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Good Lancet Article on Qnexa

  Metabolic Markets commented a few months about about the structure of the risk mitigation approach from both a label and distribution control standpoint for Qnexa and what approach would would give the FDA confidence (code for: “political cover”) to approve.   An article in the LANCET recently dove into the advisory panel vote.  In …
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The oft-debated role of the Employer in the obesity/diabetes discussion continues…….

It sounds so simple.  Employers, particularly large ones should care (code for “invest”) in their employees wellness and reduce multiple healthcare risks, and potentially reduce employee absenteeism.  So simple.  so straightforward. Metabolic Markets has an ongoing employer project and it has been fascinating to see only a segment of employers truly embrace this concept and …
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Bydureon vs. Victoza? Super Bowl? M2 makes our prediction

Metabolic Markets has developed a GLP-1 market briefing for our clients education and discussion. Entitled: “The U.S. GLP-1 Market Brief: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”  The brief slide deck reviews the history of Byetta, shares our clinical and commercial experience, Victoza introduction, and short term considerations to watch as the market unfolds with the pending Bydureon …
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The Franchise – Januvia / the 800 lb gorilla

Merck release 2011 results yesterday, and to no surprise, the Januvia machine, 800 lbs gorilla, or as I like to call it “The Franchise,” continues to perform. The Franchise posted $3.324 billion in 2011 global sales, up from $2.38 billion in 2010.  Let’s contrast this to the later entrants in the DPP-IV class Galvus: $677 …
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