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M2 Poster on Gout Treatment Costs

In late 2013, Aaron Davis presented his poster on Gout treatment costs and regional variations.  Contact me if you want a copy. aaron@metabolicmarkets.com

Metabolic Markets accepted for publication again!

Last year M2 did considerable work in gout.  In partnership with our friends at Symphony Health, M2’s Aaron Davis’s abstract has been accepted to the American College of Rheumatology’s annual conference.  The title: “Assessing The Increasing Costs To Manage Patients With Gout By State”  Gout is a surprisingly costly disease state that goes unrecognized / …
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Compliance tied to employee production

The healthcare costs of compliance have been generally well characterized. Some interesting work done by CVS pharmacy tied chronic care medication compliance into employee absenteeism. In short, employees who take their medications are less likely to miss work, up to a difference of 7 days per year. Doesn’t sound like much, but aggregated for a …
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MEMOTEXT® and Metabolic Markets, LLC announce strategic partnership

  MEMOTEXT and Metabolic Markets have entered into a strategic partnership, integrating MEMOTEXT’s best-in-class patient adherence platform into the Metabolic Markets’ client offerings. “Patient compliance and adherence has long been one of the biggest challenges in chronic disease management.  MEMOTEXT’s unique, customized programs aimed at individualizing and increasing patient engagement, result in improved compliance and …
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