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About Metabolic Markets

Metabolic Markets is the first and only strategic consultancy developed by blending clinical excellence with commercial experience.

Metabolic Markets was founded by Dr. Damon Tanton and Aaron Davis under the belief that the increasing pace of market dynamics require a focused consulting approach to deliver value to clients. Our focus provides clients confidence that we understand client issues from multiple angles and will rapidly assimilate into the client team.

Dr. Damon Tanton is a board certified endocrinologist and the Medical Director, Florida Hospital Diabetes Institute Practice Leader, Florida Diabetes and Endocrine Center.  Beyond his clinical expertise from thousands of patients under care, Dr. Tanton  has extensive experience in medical communication and peer-to-peer education.

Aaron Davis brings his sales, marketing and managed care experience through his tenures of increasing responsibility and leadership at PriceSpective managed markets consulting, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, and Amylin Pharmaceuticals, where he was an award winning account executive.

Our unique experience provides clients real value, expanding capabilities and market reach.  We address your issue, develop your plan, and support the execution.  We are with you, every step of they way.