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Lilly/BI get their DPP-IV combo

The Trajenta crowd has brought their combination product to the race with "Jentadueto", the Trajenta/metformin offering.

This adds another option to the DPP-IV combination competition against Janumet and Kombiglyza.  We have been commenting in this space that the DPP-IV platform will likely see a myriad of combination approaches in the months to come. Merck's Juvisync the most novel, combining Januvia with a statin. If alogliptin ever sees an audience with the FDA (see various posts on the ongoing agency delays for Takeda), we may see the first DPP-IV / TZD approach.

clinicaltrials.gov is filled with multiple studies and multiple sponsors using various combinations with DPP-IVs.  Will any competitive efforts have any impact on the 800lb gorilla Januvia franchise?